The Museum Staff and Volunteer Corps have created programs and activities to help you enrich your students’ classroom experience.

Kids’ History Book

Written especially for elementary school-age children, On the Trail of History: A Kid’s Guide to Wilmette’s Past can help you teach Wilmette history. To order the book online, visit our Shop page. If you wish to order multiple copies for classroom use, email the Museum Director for more information.

Scheduling a Field Trip

For information about bringing your class to the Museum, please visit our Schools page.

Warming Up for Your Second Grade Field Trip

We have prepared these activities to help make your visit a memorable one. Before you bring your class to the Museum, you might try one of these activities. Each of the activities can be downloaded.

This worksheet is designed to be used immediately before and after visiting the museum. Before the visit, students decide whether they agree/disagree with a set of statements relating to Wilmette history. After the Museum visit, students do the same activity, deciding whether or not they still agree/disagree with the statements.

This crossword puzzle uses the vocabulary from the On the Trail of History textbook.

This class exercise includes 13 worksheets, each containing one or two documents/artifacts that are relevant to Wilmette history. A Teacher’s Guide is also included.

High School Internships

Internships can be a great learning experience. If you have a student interested in getting their feet wet at the Museum, send them to our Internships page for more information and to make an application.