Wilmette had over 2,000 residences 100 years ago and most of those homes are still a part of our community.  The Wilmette Historical Society (WHS) is offering homeowners an opportunity to purchase and display a beautiful plaque indicating the age of any homes over a century old. Such plaques are honorary and do not convey any protection for a house or property. The plaque measures 7 inches by 10 inches, is made of brass and designed for display outdoors near the entrance of the home.  WHS will assist homeowners in determining the approximate age of their home for display on the plaque. The cost of the plaque will be $210 for WHS members and $260 for non-members, which covers the production and shipping of the plaque from the vendor.  If you are interested in purchasing such a plaque, please contact the museum at museum@wilmette.com or (847) 853-7666.  A museum representative will contact you to assist you in dating your house and in arranging for your purchase.