Garden Nine

Garden Nine completes the circle of gardens and is oriented toward the lakeside. Along the circle walk are four Hawthorns, one of which is from the original garden planting (Crategus punctata.) The three additional trees are the same variety and were specially sourced for this garden. Shrub ensembles include hydrangeas and spireas with catmint along the seat wall. Early summer bloom of the spirea and the catmint is especially notable.

The display beds feature native forbs, sedges, and grasses. Varieties are selected for wetter conditions, as this garden tends to be low and wet in normal seasons. Summer and fall blooming of the native forbs provides a particular earthy prairie aroma to the garden in the late summer and fall.

Approach Nine

The oval stair approach is flanked by Japanese cornel dogwoods with evergreens at the base.

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