Garden Six

Garden Six is a very sunny garden, oriented toward the west with full afternoon sun. This garden features Red Jewel Crabs. Shrubs in the ensembles include exuberant Hydrangeas with rhododendron, Sem sorbaria, and dwarf spireas. Allium is featured along the seat wall, which is a magnet for bees and butterflies. Bottlebrush buckeye shrubs with showy flowers in mid-summer are featured along the terrace wall. The display beds feature annuals with two to three rotations throughout the season.

Approach Six

Approach Six is a popular entry to the gardens due to its proximity to the accessible switchback ramp from the Visitor parking lot. The feature ornamental trees at the oval stairs is Seven-Sons Tree with Clavey’s honeysuckle at their base. Perennials extend to the ramp plantings and include sedum, alliums, and Prairie dropseed grasses.

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