Garden Three

Garden Three continues to rotate toward Linden Avenue and is on the south side of the long approach. Along the circle walk, the ornamental trees are redbuds with a border of cotoneaster, many of which are original from the 1950’s, as are the magnolias outside the circle walk. This is one of the most photographed curves on the walkway, particularly when the redbuds and magnolias are in spring bloom. Additional shrub ensembles include azaleas, dwarf forsythia, and Harrison’s yellow roses. Caryopteris completes the evergreen hedge along the terrace wall. The display beds feature a mix of perennials that provide bloom rotations throughout the spring and summer.

Approach Three

Known as the “long approach”, the walkway extends to Sheridan Road and is one of the public and accessible entrances to the Gardens. This approach also features a pool to emphasize the special character of this entry. Flanking the oval stairs are pear trees, valued for their spring bloom and their upright and compact habit. Elderberry and globe arborvitae adorn the oval stairs at this approach. Blackhaw viburnums complete the east end of this approach.

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