Garden One

Garden One faces the lakeside and is also the orienting garden for the site. (The garden and approach numbers continue in a clockwise fashion.) Garden One orients to the Bahá’í Quiblih, which is the Resting Place of Baha’u’llah in Akka, Israel.

The ornamental trees along the circle walk are crab trees. The shrub ensembles include hydrangea and diervilla. Joe-Pye-Weed in this garden is a magnet for butterflies. Thyme, Marjoram, and geranium are featured perennials along the seat wall. Specimen tree peonies highlight the circle walk. The display beds feature David Austin roses, providing fragrance and bloom throughout the summer season.

Approach One

The trees flanking the oval stairs are pear trees, valued for their spring bloom and their upright and compact habit. The ornamental shrubs flanking the oval stairs vary from approach to approach. Pagoda dogwoods with gro-low sumac underneath are the ensemble for Approach One.